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"What is ITI & Scopes after learning?"

    The Institute runs the following NCVT approved ITI Trades:

    1. Computer Operating & Programming Assistant (COPA)

    2. Draughtsman(Civil)

   3. Surveyor

   4. Sewing Technology

      5. Fitter

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute. ITIs offer training in various trades. ITI trades and courses focus on skill development in students. They churn out skilled professionals each year and thus develop the skilled work force in India!


ITIs offer training in various trades. Two main types of trade are ?

1. Engineering Trades

2. Non-Engineering Trades

 Engineering trades are related to the field of engineering studies. Courses available under this trade are technical in nature. Non-Engineering trades are mostly related to computers, languages and soft skills.

This is the age of knowledge and skill development. Whatever the course may be, if it imparts useful skills and knowledge to students, it is well worth pursuing the course.


 Skill India initiative highlights the importance of possessing marketable skills. The Government wants to develop a skilled work force in India. It makes sense too. Skills will help people get employment. It will also help them become self employed.


Unemployment is a huge problem that India is facing at the moment. According to surveys, large portion of Indian work force is non or semi skilled. Due to this reason, they are unemployable. Skill India initiative has been started off to address this crisis. Through this program, the Government is highlighting the importance of acquiring useful skills. Unemployment can be reduced if the masses are trained in various trades. That?s where ITIs come handy! As I mentioned before, ITIs in India are offering job oriented training programs. To an extent, they can help train and educate youngsters in India. ITIs can help churn out skilled work force in India! ITIs are easily accessible. Government and private ITIs are spread all across India. They operate at district level. Securing admission in an ITI is not a difficult task. Cost of training at ITIs is also affordable. Next comes training and curriculum. ITIs are well known for their training programs and teaching methodology. They give importance to practical training. The end result is that students acquire job oriented skills at the end of the course!


Yes, more and more people are going for white collar jobs! Thanks to this trend, there has been a dip in the number of professionals offering blue collar services. It is a well known fact that it is difficult to find skilled workers like plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, agricultural workers etc. According to reports, India will need 119 million additional skilled work force by 2022. More than 24 sectors ? that includes construction, agriculture, textiles, energy ? will need additional work force in the future! Skills gap is slowing down the pace of India?s economic growth. If this gap is not closed down, it will seriously dampen our nation?s growth! Working towards reduction of skill gap has two main advantages. First- it will help non and semi skilled workers gain useful set of skills. These skills in turn will help them get employment! Second- mending skill gap will directly and indirectly support the nation?s economy and growth! Considering the above mentioned facts, it is evident that ITI programs still have potential. Skilled workers are in huge demand now. In fact, there?s a shortage of skilled workers out there! It means that finding a job is not a difficult task anymore for skilled workers. Pay for skilled workers is also decent, owing to the shortage of skilled work force.


ITI pass-outs are recruited by Government organisations like Armed Forces, Indian Railways, PSUs, State-wise PWDs etc. If you want a government job, ITI course won?t let you down! Selection will be on merit basis. It is up to the candidate to prepare for the test and crack it.


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